Fallbrook Sports Association is able to create a custom advertising package to meet your advertising needs. We offer both traditional signage and media options to create a diverse marketing plan for your business. Ingold Sports Park is a multi-million dollar facility that can be an advertising vehicle for a large variety of product lines. We are a market driven organization with an aggressive marketing plan, with the objective of drawing large attendances. The people that visit Ingold Sports Park are a captive, repetitive, pre-qualified, active customer base.

There are many opportunities to be an advertiser at Ingold Sports Park that serves not only your business and the park, but your local economy too.

If that weren't reason enough, Ingold Sports Park is a 501c3 non-profit organization so your advertisement may be a tax deductible business expense. Inquire with your accountant.

ALL advertisements Include:

  • 1-year of Advertising

  • Full Color Signage

  • Social Media Connection

  • URL link to your business on our website



Ingold Sports Park is operated by Fallbrook Sports Association, a 501c3 non-profit organization.  The park DOES NOT receive any financial assistance from the government so we rely on donations from the community, advertising sponsorships, team fees, and renting the park out for special events in order to continue being an asset within the community.  To operate a multi sport complex of this magnitude we continually need to raise funds, and donations are much appreciated to keep the park properly maintained. Your contribution will go toward field maintenance, lighting, parking lot, grounds keeping, snack bar, equipment, landscaping, etc.  The park is always finding ways to better the experience for its guests and continue to be a fun, family oriented place for the whole community to gather together.

Your donation may be a tax deductible business expense. Inquire with your accountant.


Your contribution will be recognized on either a Contributor Banner displayed at the park, or our beautiful "Wall of Fame" featured at the park.